A year later….

So where to start? I was started this blog a year ago but then life happened (actually my laptop was stolen with my purse so that took the wind out of my sail).  After many moves, San Francisco is starting to feel like home.  It is quite the adjustment coming from spacious and sunny Arizona.  The weather has been the toughest.   I am fairly new to SF and in my search for literally sunshine I have found ways to make sunshine out of my new foggy surroundings.

The weather did put a damper on my spirits but also my wardrobe! It’s been quite the challenge to wear a maxi dress when it’s 46 degrees in July.  Learning to layer has been key as well as an early morning run or workout to get the blood pumping.  I have always loved fashion, fitness and food.

I admit I now own a Patagonia jacket.  SF uniform is Lululemon and a puffer jacket of sorts!  I don’t mind it I just don’t want to live in it daily!

Stay tuned as I gather my thoughts and pics. and we take this quest together.

Looking for sunshine


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