Switching it up = sunshine

Okay, what happened to my 3 minute plank?! Maybe it’s all the fun I’ve been having these last few months. Time to focus because I was dying at 30 second planks today and I have less than a month before Cabo (yikes). Best part throwing down the medicine ball as hard as possible(aggression all gone). Jakki has you in constant motion working the entire body. I can’t wait to go back for another round. Trying something new always brings me sunshine (as long as there are no heights involved).

Thanks Presidio Fitness and Tiffany Schade (@JuniorLeagueSF MAC)for organizing this event! #girlpower #sunshine

Pat Tillman Shadow Run

Pat Tillman

The Pat Tillman Foundation is very close to my heart. As an ASU Alumni, an Arizona Cardinal fan and having a brother a former Marine (or should I say a Marine because once a Marine always a Marine, right?).

I’ve participated in the Pat Tillman Shadow Run but this year we are making the 4.2 miles a family event! I would like you to join us this year for the Pat Tillman Shadow Run. Shadow runs are casual, fun runs/walks held in parks and recreational areas coordinated by the local ASU Alumni Association or clubs.
DATE: 4/26/2014
TIME: 9am to 11am
WHERE: Marina Green

There are shadow runs nationwide and I’ve included the link here so please check them out. http://pattillmanfoundation.org/pats-run/
Make it a family event bring the kids, the stroller and your friends. Or challenge yourself and beat your best time.

It’s a moment to remember and honor such a true hero. http://pattillmanfoundation.org/about-us/
I hope you will join us for some sunshine!

A SUNNY SF Saturday!

When you wake up and see sunshine in SF you stop everything you had planned and readjust! So no organizing that hall closet.  I grab my running shoes and running SHORTS (a rare chance to wear them).  So now that I am going with the running shorts I still need my Nike running vest(great purchase), arm warmers, and running gloves.  It may be sunny in my neighborhood but once I run down the hill to Crissy Field there is no telling what the wind has in store for me.

For gear I have the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor and love it but now that I am using mapmyrun app I find myself not using it as much. If you haven’t tried this app you should.  It keeps me motivated especially when it reminds me of my pace.  I have it set for each mile but you can change it to whatever works for you. I do like that the Garmin watch has the Heart Rate Monitor so not ready to let it go just yet.

IMG_4413Running in the sunshine…

And tonight dining with the girls…State Bird Provisions.